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Don't be shy, drop a line!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reading more, cooking- fun.

I'm currently cooking something on the stove, some interesting soup- and during a small break as it's cooking I'm reading "Caves of Steel" as mentioned in my previous post.  The book is certainly worth its status as a classic and I can't help but be totally absorbed into it!  I enjoy the characters thus far; the main character Lije strongly dislikes Spacers and their robotic companions because of their arrogance and disgust towards humans, even though they are descendants of them.  Spacers however, book, have left Earth to explore and colonize fifty hospitable planets in our galaxy and through evolution and genetic advancement, they have increased longevity (400 years), and live a plentiful disease-free lifestyle on their planets.

The murder of a high-ranking Spacer leads to quiet panic amongst Earth's officials due to fact that it is suspected that a Human is the perpetrator. Spacers regard humans as unclean and disease filled, and they strongly wish to sever ties with Earth, and with the murder- this may come into reality. So, the main character meets R. Daneel Olivaw- a robot which has been engineered to look like a Spacer which unsettles Lije- but now, they must work together.  Personally, I like the idea that Lije is discriminatory against robots and Spacers; it opens the door for great character development. I'm curious about how it will effect his future choices and the investigation.

Well, I need to keep reading, but seriously- how could I have not known that science-fiction was so awesome?  I should have guessed it when I used to sit up all night watching my favorite show: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

That's right. Odo is boss.

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